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My top articles, all published in peer-reviewed journals, are listed below. Publications are marked with icons indicating “Open Access” or “Subscription Access”.

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fulltext_open_medium Evans, R & Nthulana, I. 2018. Linguistic challenges faced by rural Tshivenda-speaking teachers when Grade 4 learners transition to EnglishThe Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa 14(2): a545. DOI:

 fulltext_open_medium Kruger, F & Evans, R. 2018. A transdisciplinary exploration: Reading peace education and teaching English to speakers of other languages through multiple literacies theoryThe Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa. Vol 14(2): a525. DOI:

fulltext_open_medium Daweti, M. & Evans, R. 2017. Leadership constructions and discourse interfaces in the public service in South Africa. African Journal of Public Affairs, Vol 9(8): 151- 171. Persistent link:

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R. 2017. Koesister op ‘n Royal Albert piering: ‘n kritiese nabetragting van ‘n nie-moedertaal onderwyservaring. Tydskrif vir Geesteswetenskappe/Journal of Humanities Vol 57(3): 1- 13. URI:

fulltext_open_medium Harmse, T. & Evans, R. 2017. Exploring the learner profile of the English Home language classroom in select urban secondary schools. Journal for Language Teaching Vol 51(1): 141-161. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v50i2.6.

fulltext_restricted_medium Seeletso, M & Evans, R. 2016. How much “distance” does language create in ODL materials? – A Botswana case studyProgressio: South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning, Vol 38 (1) 58-73. DOI: 10.25159/0256-8853/1022.

fulltext_open_medium Steyn, H & Evans, R. 2015. Textese and secondary school learners’ formal written English: is the media hype about language decay justified? Journal for Language Teaching Vol 49 (1) 199-221. Journal for Language Teaching, Volume 49, Number 1, pp. 199 – 221. 2015. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v49i1.8.

fulltext_open_medium Evans R & Cleghorn, A. 2014. Parental perceptions: A case study of school choice amidst language waves. South African Journal of Education Vol 34(2) 1-19. DOI: 10.15700/201412071203.

fulltext_open_medium De Jager, L & Evans R. 2013. Misunderstanding during instructional communication as related to oral proficiency. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Vol 31 (1) 97-110. DOI: 10.2989/16073614.2013.793955

fulltext_open_medium Breton-Carbonneau, G, Cleghorn, A, Evans, R & Pesco, D. 2012. Pedagogical and political encounters in linguistically and culturally diverse primary classrooms: Examples from Quebec, Canada and Gauteng, South AfricaCompare : A Journal of Comparative and International Education Vol 42 (3) 373-39. DOI: 10.1080/03057925.2011.650870.

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R. 2011. Preparing pre-service teachers for multilingual classrooms – designing a multiple African language moduleJournal for Language Teaching, Vol 45 (2) 69-82. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v45i2.4.

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R. 2010. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo! – Choices, and their consequences for graduate students when embarking on educational inquiryPer Linguam, Vol 26 (1) 85-98. DOI: 10.5785/26-1-16.

fulltext_restricted_medium Evans, R & Cleghorn, A.  2010. “Look at the balloon blow up”- Student teacher-talk in linguistically diverse Foundation Phase classroomsSouthern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Vol 28 (2) 141-151. DOI: 10.2989/16073614.2010.519105.

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R and Blignaut, AS. 2010. Instructional dissonance as explanation for low viewer participation during instructional television support broadcasts in a developing country contextProgressio : South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning, Vol 32 (1) 111-13. Persistent link:

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R & Cleghorn, A. 2010. Complex language encounters: Observations from linguistically diverse South African classroomsCanadian E-Journal of Literacies, Vol 12 (2). DOI: 10.20360/G26P4R.

fulltext_restricted_medium Gathsa, G & Evans, R. 2010. Learning support: perceptions and experiences of distance learners from marginalised communities in BotswanaProgressio : South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning, Vol 32 (1) 155-169. Persistent Link :

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R. 2007. “I speaks English deliciously” Perceptions of oral proficiency within the context of televised instruction in a developing country. Journal for Language Teaching Vol 41 (1) 32-50. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v41i1.6078

fulltext_open_medium Evans, R. 2006. The impact of presenters’ speech personality of interaction during televised instructionJournal for Language Teaching Vol 40 (2) 21-34. DOI: 10.4314/jlt.v40i2.6067.

fulltext_open_medium Becker, LR.  et al. The impact of university incorporation on college lecturersHigher Education, Vol 48 (2) 153-172.  DOI: 10.1023/B:HIGH.0000034311.35951.b6.

fulltext_restricted_medium Evans, R. 2004. Is anyone out there listening? – Explaining low learner participation during televised instructionJournal of Educational Media, Vol 29 (1) 7-23.   [Now called Learning, Media & Technology]. DOI: 10.1080/1358165042000186244.